In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question has not been answered or want more information do not hesitate to contact us .

Brief explanation of the billing process

Invoices paid services during each month are generated automatically and are available at accounting close thereof during the first days of the next (between day 1 and 7). The system creates the nominative invoices with your fiscal data provided at the time of closing. Therefore, make sure your data is completed, so your invoice will be generated.

How do I download my invoices?

They are at your disposal in your Client Zone – My Account – Invoices. So that you can view, download and print them,

How do I access my client zone?

At the top right of the web row, you’ll see a link to “Your client zone”. If you do not see correctly can follow this customer area remember that you must log in with the user you contracted the services.

Can I change my fiscal information?

Yes, in your client area, billing information click the “Edit” button and enter the new. From that moment, the new bills will be issued with the new data you provided and the new mail delivery. It does not have retroactive effect, as previous months are now closed for accounting purposes.

When will the invoices be available?

After the close of the month, during the first days of the following between 1 and 7. Invoices will be generated if fiscal information has been completed.

When the month is closed?

The last day of the current month.

I see invoices for some services, but can not find the other

Check the client you contracted each service, and make sure your invoices are in the customer zone for each of them.

I see no invoice generated, despite having paid service

Check that you have completed your tax data in the client area, which is essential in order to issue the nominative invoice.

I have just completed the billing in the client zone

Great, starting from the end of the month, invoices with the data provided were issued and sent to the mail indicated. It does not have retroactive effect, for service in prior months, they are already closed for accounting purposes.

How I can when enter tax data in order to receive a service contract bill this month?

Before the end of the month: last calendar day of that month.