The quickest way to increase your fans and attract potential customers. They will have to complete a register form to participate in a sweepstakes and you will be able to choose the winner among them.

Easy and quick

Participants will only have to complete a register form if they want to have possibilities to win.

What you want to know

You decide what you do want to know about your fans and if providing this info is optional or not.

Choose the winner

You will be able to choose one or several winners of the promotion from the participants list.

Social CRM Lite

You will be provided of a virtual database with the name and the email address of all the participants.

Available versions

Basic version

  • First time is free
  • Intuitive template to complete
  • Multilanguage applications
  • Authomatic email sending
  • Previsualize your app at all times
  • Free to choose the contest duration
  • Customize the contest main image
  • Show an image after participating
  • Set up a maximum number of participants
  • Export participants to an Excel file
  • Suggest becoming fan after participating
  • Possibility of verifying the winners selection
  • Widgets to spread the contest
  • Set up maximum number of participations by fan
  • Show/hide the number of participants
  • Hide participants profile
  • Create a form to complete after participating
  • Offer fans differents elements to share and viralize

Premium version

  • The most complete option
  • Basic version features included
  • Add participations from Twitter
  • Add participations from Instagram
  • Premoderate participations
  • Advanced antifraud system
  • Restrict participation by country
  • Tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

White Label version

  • For major brands
  • Premium version features included
  • No references unrelated to your brand
  • Preferred support and advanced performance

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