Coupons on Facebook

Promotional Coupons

The quickest way to turn fans into customers. Offer them a discount for being fans of your brand on social networks. It is a very effective resource for e-commerces and so for physical stores.

More customers

The best way to turn fans into customers, give them a promotional coupon!

Design your coupons

Create your own customized coupons with the application template.

Use your own coupons

Or you can also use your own coupons, just upload them to the application.

Engage your fans

Coupons will promote and let you carry on with the relationship brand-customer.

Available versions

Premium version

  • The most complete option
  • Intuitive template to complete
  • Multilanguage applications
  • Authomatic email sending
  • Previsualize your app at all times
  • Free to choose the contest duration
  • Customize the contest main image
  • Show an image after participating
  • Set up a maximum number of coupon downloads
  • Suggest becoming fan after participating
  • Export participants to an Excel file
  • Self-generated promotional coupons
  • Template for designing coupons
  • Possibility of registering only participation
  • Widgets to spread the contest
  • Show/hide the number of participants
  • Create a form to complete after participating
  • Offer fans differents elements to share and viralize
  • Restrict participation by country
  • Tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

White Label version

  • For major brands
  • Premium version features included
  • No references unrelated to your brand
  • Preferred support and advanced performance

Do you want to set up your own Promotional Coupon?