What is Social CRM?

Social CRM is the ultimate tool to turn your fans into customers and your brand best ambassadors.

What can you get with Social CRM?

Social CRM helps you reach all your online and offline marketing objectives. Do you want to increase the open rate in your mailing campaigns? Improve the brand positioning on your potential customers mind? Do you need to find a market segment that multiplies your sales?

Open Rate

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM is a Cloud platform you can use from any computer or mobile device.

It helps you know your customers and your fans through the information they share on social networks.

Know your community and carry out customizable and more effective marketing actions.

What can you know about your fans?

Detailed information

Social CRM provides you a total knowledge of every fan, customer and lead that you can visualize in a personal file of each of them, with this information:

  • Social and demographic profile
  • Likes and interests
  • Influence level on social networks
  • Contact details
  • Value for your brand
  • Engagement level with your fanpage

General information

All this information is collected on your Social CRM and lets you segment your community into specific market niches.

Customize your communication and carry out marketing actions well segmented that generate a higher impact than any other kind of advertisement.

How does Social CRM work?

Information gathering

You have several options to complete your Social CRM. Define a target, the information you need and use the different possibilities that Trisocial platform offers for information gathering.

  • Contests and promotions: generate engagement and get leads while entertaining your fans
  • Social Login: easy for your fans, invite them to register using Facebook
  • Mailing: send an email to your customers with a discount to encourage them to register
  • Surveys: make your fans feel their opinions matter and increase your Social CRM in a natural way
  • Promotional coupons: offer a little discount when a follower registers

Social CRM Lite

Your mailing database

Social CRM Lite is a virtual database with the names and emails of all the participants in your contests and promotions. This way you will have a quick access this information and will be able to create mailing campaigns easily.

It does not matter how many of these actions you have made, neither the frequency, this virtual database will be always available for you.

Besides, Social CRM Lite is free with any contest or promotion version and is included in every hiring option.