1.1 These Conditions of Use TRISOCIAL Applications Service (hereinafter Conditions), together with the General Conditions, Privacy Policy, the corresponding descriptions of benefits and fee schedules that are established in each case, are the CONTRACT to regulates the conditions under which the user uses the Application Service and the provision of service by TRISOCIAL (Trisocial social-media Ltd. established in Menendez Pelayo 10, ofic 7 º C, 26002 Logroño with CIF B-26485524, registered in the Register of La Rioja, Volume 734, Book 0, Folio 180, Page LO-14558).

1.2 This service gives the user a right to use the applications on offer, subject to the terms, conditions and terms of the contract.

1.3 The Application Service includes the registration and / or hiring process and / or application usage.



2.1 These Conditions are binding on both parties. The USER will be bound to each and every one of these Conditions without any reservation to use the Application Service TRISOCIAL, and its duty and responsibility to read previously.

2.2 The acceptance of them is necessarily done explicitly by the user, prior to registration or / and hiring process and / or application usage. Consequently, the user must read the contents of each.

2.3 If you do not agree with the terms of these Conditions, and / or Conditions and / or descriptions of services, and / or fee schedules, and / or the Privacy Policy, do not proceed with the recruitment process, use of applications and registration.


3.1TRISOCIAL reserves the right to substitute at any time both the General Conditions and Special Conditions, Privacy Policy, descriptions of benefits and fee schedules, (hereinafter the “New Terms”). These new conditions will apply from the time they are made available to the USERS, why the TRISOCIAL advised to consult the Terms regularly as they can be modified.



4.1 When using a contract TRISOCIAL application, the user acquire only a license or temporary right to use this application, you can create and manage their functionality. The user receives no ownership rights on the application or content supplied as part of it, which all belong to and in full command TRISOCIAL.

4.2 features and functionality of each application are available TRISOCIAL in https://www.trisocial.com/galeria-aplicaciones-facebook/. Applications for Facebook TRISOCIAL generate a new Facebook page space of the user with the utility implied. This space is hosted by TRISOCIAL. The user has the settings to show / hide / host / upload / download content.

4.3 is limited to the mere provision of the use of space applications and host of the Facebook page showing, and therefore the responsibility of the use made of the information and contents included in each of the spaces Facebook page rests solely with those who do.

4.4 For the technical nature of the service, TRISOCIAL not be liable for loss of data, information or files that occur as a result of cut or interruption in the supply of any of its services, declining all liability for damages that it may arise.

4.5 TRISOCIAL reserves the right to unilaterally suspend temporarily or irreversibly, without prior notice, access to its management system of tabs or content or part of these, because of the possible need for maintenance , repair, upgrade, improve them or incompatibility with the service provided.

4.6 The licenses are purchased applications through the hiring plans described https://www.trisocial.com/precios/.



5.1 When you agree that in Register TRISOCIAL be sent to your e-mail newsletters that include advertising.

5.2 TRISOCIAL reserves the right to display the companies that are users of your applications in exhibitions and / or web space and / or Facebook page TRISOCIAL. You can show the ID, name, logo, website or Facebook page these USERS as an example of use of their applications, or promotional activities both online and offline.



6.1 The procurement of licenses of applications TRISOCIAL is by hiring plans described in https://www.trisocial.com/precios/.

6.2 These plans specify the characteristics of each, as the number of licenses of applications including Facebook pages where you can use, price for each billing period, including white label test time and other specifications.

6.3 TRISOCIAL reserves the right to change the hiring plans without prior notice, and may affect both the services involved in each and the cost thereof.

6.4 The procurement process requires a prior registration that complies with the Privacy Policy. TRISOCIAL confirm the hiring by sending an e-mail to users on that tells you the activation of the plan contract and details. 6.5 Any information supplied by the user in the registry and / or statements must be truthful. The user guarantees the authenticity of all information given to TRISOCIAL. Similarly it is the responsibility of the user to keep the information updated, so that at every moment the real situation. In any case, the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and prejudice caused to TRISOCIAL or others for the information provided.



7.1 The price of hiring plans use licenses applications are shown in https://www.trisocial.com/precios/ TRISOCIAL.

7.2 At those prices specified test time and the billing period.

7.3 There are no shipping costs or additional installation.

7.4 The User may test only once TRISOCIAL applications by selecting any staffing plan to have this feature. During the probationary period specified in the plan, the user can use the applications containing the plan TRISOCIAL no charge. At the end of that period is a prerequisite to have entered the payment in order to continue providing the application functionality. Otherwise, TRISOCIAL reserves the right to immediately suspend the use of licensing applications.

7.5 The licenses of the applications TRISOCIAL are likely to be used with immediate effect. So that according to current legislation, once hired the use of the application, the user can not cancel the purchase and claim a refund of any amount paid. In any case, remember that you have a free trial period.

7.6 If an impact on the recovery plan signed and / or non-payment, TRISOCIAL reserves the right to suspend the use of licensing applications. If the user does not proceed to pay the plan within 10 calendar days of the billing plan, TRISOCIAL may immediately suspend it and proceed simultaneously to claim the amounts due and may terminate the contract after the USER by default.

7.7 Trisocial dont return the amount of a contest, promotion or service contracted once payment is made.



8.1 The payment is through PayPal, as not agreed otherwise.

8.2 TRISOCIAL not have access to the USER bank details, which are managed exclusively by PayPal.

8.3 The use of applications requiring the payment is subject to PayPal confirming the payment.



9.1 TRISOCIAL not guarantee the availability and continued operation and / or application usage. Whenever reasonably possible, give notice of TRISOCIAL interruptions in the operation and / or application usage.

9.2 TRISOCIAL excludes all liability for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of availability or continuity of operation and / or application usage, the fraudulent use that USERS have attributed to the Application Service or / and the fallibility of the service.

9.3 TRISOCIAL not guarantee the privacy and security of using the Application Service and in particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may be aware of the nature, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that users of the Service Application. TRISOCIAL excludes all liability for damages of any kind that may result from this situation.



10.1 To the extent not otherwise agreed, the contract has an indefinite shelf life.

10.2 The contract may be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties.

10.3 The User may request termination of the contract by e-mail to info@trisocial.com identified with their registration TRISOCIAL. This request will be confirmed low by TRISOCIAL after verifying the identification shall take effect at the end of the last billing period.

10.3 TRISOCIAL may terminate this license agreement to use the application and disable its functionality without any prior notice or demand to the USER. Not having the user in which case any right to claim TRISOCIAL the return of sums paid any compensation or damages own or others, lost profits, or any other cause, in the following situations:
– If you get Facebook or competent authority a notification of misuse.
– If Facebook changes its policy so applications that use the contract by the user application bearing viable, whether for legal, technical or any other who are not TRISOCIAL.
-On the assumption that the user fails to set out both in the Terms.
-Misuse, malicious or abusive applications.
-In particular TRISOCIAL reserves the right to delete records, files, videos or other graphical files that do not meet the standards set forth in the Terms.

10.4 The termination of this contract for any reason will involve the completion of any maintenance obligations, performance or installation that fall on TRISOCIAL in connection with the use of the license application.



If a competent tribunal determines that any provision of these Terms is invalid, that provision will be removed from the Terms without affecting the rest. The other provisions of the Terms remain in effect in all respects.



The personal data and other information concerning the identity of the user are subject to the privacy policy and system of TRISOCIAL available at the link Privacy Policy



The user expressly acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademark and other rights of intellectual property on the application or the content supplied as part of the application, are at all times TRISOCIAL or who gave a license to TRISOCIAL use. The user may not use such material unless expressly authorized TRISOCIAL.



TRISOCIAL USER provides a communication service, support and assistance to resolve any questions about the operation of the Application Service, via e info@trisocial.com



For any question, dispute or controversy that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation, enforcement and / or enforcement of these Terms and the relationship between the parties, they are expressly subject to Spanish law and competition of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Logrono, expressly waiving any other law or jurisdiction that is proper, unless determined by law other than imperatively.