The Trisocial application platform has a wide range of possibilities to fit the needs of every client. This is our wizard to help you to select which Trisocial option is best suited to your situation, what is your case?


How often do you organize contests or promos on your Facebook pages?

“I create contests and promotions ocassionally.”

If you make contests from time to time, or even this is your first time and you just want to start, a puntual contest is your best choice. Choose the one you want and pay only per contest.

“I run contests and promotions quite often, as it arises.”

If you organize frequent contests, but you do not know exactly when a pack is your best choice. It does not expire and you can use it on one or more fanpages as you need.

“I realize many competitions along the month.”

If you make contests regularly and want to have updated your Facebook page with your best content, a plan will allow you to save and exploit your social networks.


Your business runs a single Facebook page or do you have several ones? Are you an agency or do you manage several communities?

“In my business we have only manage one Facebook page.”

If you want to create contests and keep updated one Facebook app, one page plans are the best option for you. You will have unlimited access to all the applications included in your plan, and you would be able to run unlimited contest on it.

“In my business we manage multiple Facebook pages.”

If you want to create contests and keep updated all the Facebook pages you manage, select the option of plans for unlimited pages. You will have unlimited access to all the applications included in your plan for all your fanpages.


Want to do a simple contest? Need to integrate other social networks in your campaigns? Your brand can not be associated with other logos?

“I want to start testing the platform with a simple contest and to see the my fans response.”

If you’re starting to run contests, or even if this is your first time, you can try the Basic option to explore your community’s response to such actions.

“I want to access the entire catalog of contests and integrate other social networks in my campaigns.”

If you already have experience in creating contests or you want to access the entire catalog of applications and all its features Premium is one winner option.

“I need advanced support, superior performance and my contest can not have any reference to others brands”

You’re a great brand and want to remove from your applications any reference to Trisocial, as well as having advanced support and superior performance.